As If (2014) uses notions of memory and recall as its foundation, pulling from childhood recollections, collective consciousness, cross-cultural ideas of play and games. The project’s text was generated from Google search results of phrases and conversations by the group, like “as if by magic…”, and crafted into poetry by Pasquale that is used for spoken word, video projection and song. The choreography, by Pier and Masaki, is inspired by childhood hand-clapping games and “Awa-Odori“, a Japanese, saki-induced procession from the 1500’s. This motion enables interactive prompts programmed by Lawless resulting in projected poetry with video shadow play designed by Gort. The composition is extracted from the dominant memories of Masaki and Steen as pianist and composer and performed on piano and electronically processed sound – written and performed works that have formed the basis of their growth as artists and connections to their musical past.

The project is the inaugural work by the collective.

Documentation of the premier at Harpa, Reykjavik, Iceland (passive camera from the back of the house with inserted video projection) can be seen HERE.